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Courtney & Jonathan

Actors. Filmmakers. Collaborators. Friends. 

Jonathan and Courtney met when Jonathan was casting his Joker fan film, "The Last Laugh." Courtney was the absolutely perfect Harley Quinn to Jonathan's Joker, and the pair have gone on to create many films together since. Both actors at the start their careers, Courtney is also a talented SFX makeup artist and professional voice actor. Jonathan focuses his talents now on directing, screenwriting, and photography. 

Together, their experience and passions cover both the visual and audio side of filmmaking, and when they realized that...Sights and Sounds was born!

Jonathan Everett

The "Sights" half of Sights and Sounds, Jonathan is an actor turned indie filmmaker. Obsessed with visual storytelling, he's constantly creating short films, screenwriting, and planning what's next.

While his focus is on directing and writing, working with no to low budget on so many previous projects has turned Jonathan into a true jack of all trades, often also editing and doing VFX for his own films.

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Courtney Holly

Courtney puts the "Sound" in Sights and Sounds. A professional voice actor working on both narrative and commercial voice overs, she has not just a solid voice and audio know-how, but years upon years of acting chops to back it up.

With a formal, college education as an actor, Courtney is at home both in front of the camera and on stage. She's also a practiced and innovative SFX makeup artist, able to concoct practical effects (almost) on the fly!

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